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"I’ve taken lessons with Deb since 3rd grade. She’s really encouraging and down to earth and has helped me build stage presence and gave me the confidence to perform different places by myself or with Frame 42."

Ava Morris, Age 15

"I brought a friend with me to the Student Showcase event. She was astounded at the level of talent!! From kids to adults, it’s enjoyable to see people who clearly love music (and Deb) and want to excel for themselves and their bands.  I’m so glad we were referred to Deb. My son had low confidence and self-esteem after years of bullying. The drum set and the care Deb gives her students has changed his life! His music has given him the voice he’s searched for."

Lisa Burmann - Lapeer, MI

"Deb has always been there to push me to do bigger and better with my music.  I hope she continues to spread her knowledge and drive to all she meets just as she has done for me"

Jay Moore, Age 16 

"Deb has always been able to work by my side and further my musical abilities as well as help me through anything I’m struggling with, personal or professional. I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with her and grateful for the opportunities she has given me. Anyone who ever gets the chance to work with her should cherish that moment as much as they can!! Musicians like Deb don’t come around too often and I’m grateful I have the chance to work with such an amazing one!!"

Arianna Smith, Age 17 

"Deb has always been there whenever I have a problem and she’s taught me how to solve that problem. She’s encouraged me and has given me confidence and so many opportunities with getting myself out there!"

Michael Farmer, Age 15

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